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To: Roadway Maintainance Section (

From: Cratertown (

Subject: A new pothole was geotagged in Edmonton!

Hello Roadway Maintainance Section,

A new pothole was spotted in Edmonton. It’s location has been geotagged using the Cratertown app. To see the location of the pothole on a map, please follow the link below.

A photo of the pothole was also uploaded. To see the photo, please follow the link below.

Cratertown is a new mobile pothole reporting application designed to provide users with an efficient and exact method of reporting potholes, streamline the repair process by providing precise geographic coordinates of pothole locations, and help make Edmonton’s roads a safer place.

Please note that this email is not spam. You are only receiving it because an actual pothole exists.

Feel free to contact us as if you have any questions or follow us on twitter (@cratertown).

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Your Friends at Cratertown

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